The Writing Mindset Academy


Writing is hard work. 

Even when it is your passion! Maybe especially when it is your passion.

Our goal at The Writing Mindset is to equip you so you can truly embrace your gift of writing. Why? Because we LOVE writing and we want you to love writing too.

To fulfill our goal of offering you inspiration, education, and resources, we offer private and group coaching, courses, and resources and template to make your writing process as stress-free as possible. 

Also look for our podcast and our new membership program—coming soon! 

Resources and Templates

Planner Cover Image

This 30-page planner walks you through the process I use for every book I write.

The planner will guide you through the process of:

  • Determining Your Objective
  • Clarifying Your Audience
  • Finalizing Your Topic
  • Brainstorming What to Include
  • Creating Your Table of Contents
  • Outlining Each Chapter
Get ready to write!