The Business of Ghostwriting

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  • You find the perfect client, but you don't have the tools you need to complete the project.
  • Your client isn't paying your invoices on time.
  • You need to find a faster way to get the project done!

The Struggle is Real

What would you say if I offered you the tools you need to succeed as a ghostwriter? How would having access to proven processes, client management and project strategies, and access to templates created from years of ghostwriting experience boost your ghostwriting business? How about exclusive access to a community of other writers and ghostwriters?

How much would that knowledge cost? Even more important, how could that knowledge and networking help you grow your business so you can live the life you want to live?

The Solution

I've been where you are. My first ghostwriting projects were a struggle every step of the way. No matter how hard I searched, I couldn't find the processes and templates I needed to make the work easier.


As my business grew, I dealt with scheduling issues, pricing, discovery calls, client communication, referrals, and all of the ins and outs of building a ghostwriting business. I gradually developed the strategies, processes, and templates that reduced the amount of time I was spending on my business so I could spend more time doing what I'm paid to do—craft powerful, ghostwritten content for my clients!

Passing it on to you!

You don't have to struggle. "The Business of Ghostwriting" is a monthly newsletter that brings years of knowledge and experience to your inbox. Each month you'll receive valuable strategies, processes, and templates you can implement in your business right away. 


What You'll Get

Templates & Processes

  • Client Discovery Call Checklist
  • Project Scheduling Template
  • Project Pricing Process and Template
  • Non-Fiction Book Templates
  • Blog Post Outline Template
  • Published Article Outline Template
  • Book Project Schedule with Deadlines

Tips and Strategies

  • Making the Sale
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Ensuring Prompt Payment
  • Crafting an Ironclad Contract
  • Showing Value
  • Creating Superfan Clients
  • Getting Referrals and Testimonials
  • Always Delivering Excellence

Stop Struggling and Start Writing

Get the tools you need to grow your ghostwriting business right in your inbox.


Each month you'll receive:

  • Tips and processes that will save you time and effort!
  • Contract tips and other business procedures to smooth the way to more writing time.
  • Valuable templates that the guesswork out of your projects
  • Client Management tips and copy/paste responses to common questions and situations.
  • Access to exclusive training videos and office hours in a private community tailored for ghostwriters.

Massive Value

Each month's multimedia newsletter contains over $400 worth of training, templates, and processes for only $97! 

Are You Ready to Grow Your
Ghostwriting Business?

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