Planning: It’s Not A Dirty Word

Are you naturally organized in planning your writing and non-writing tasks? Did you get that unique organizing gene at birth? I’m jealous!

Keeping all the aspects of a writing project organized and moving is difficult at best, especially if you don’t have a system or a plan of what to do and when to do it.

Even if you have a big picture plan of the final project, you need a daily plan to get tasks completed along with your marketing (yes, you need to market in advance) and your writing.

It’s enough to make your head spin.

Daily Task List

Creating a plan of action or a daily task list will keep you organized and focused from the first moment you sit down to write.

You know precisely what has to get done, without question.

You’ll know when you need to write blog posts, when to send emails, when to write chapters, and when to schedule your next steps.

Set Priorities!

Make Yourself a Priority

As much as you want to finish quickly, leave some space for yourself to complete those background tasks.

Keeping organized and on track is equally as important as finishing that chapter, so prioritize the tedious tasks, including your marketing and audience interaction.

  • Blocking time is a popular way to schedule longer tasks, such as blog post writing or email marketing.
  • Set aside an hour or two, write up those posts or emails, get them scheduled, then move on to the next list item.
  • If you block enough time, eventually you’ll start having two or three (or more!) pieces of content ready to publish at any given time, which will relieve some stress.

Here’s the truth, and it’s a painful one for those of us who struggle with organizing: You need to set priorities, and they need to include non-writing tasks. Set priorities, and you’ll be done with your project faster than you thought possible!