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Products to Help You on Your Writing Journey

Every writer needs a good fountain pen. Use it for taking notes as you’re writing, signing letters to agents and publishers, and copies on your book tour.

This journal is soft, portable, and filled with luxurious paper that is perfect for writing on with a fountain pen.

This fountain pen is luxury you can hold in your hand. It writes smoothly and makes you feel like you’ve already published a series of best-sellers.

Red is the color of passion and the phoenix is a reminder that we can rise above life’s circumstances. This journal inspires creativity every time you pick it up.

The MacBook Pro is our computer of choice. It works for writing novels, creating social media images and posts, recording and editing video, and whatever else you throw at it. We can’t recommend it enough!

If you don’t need the power of a MacBook Pro, check out the MacBook Air. Lightweight, portable, and powerful, it will handle all but the heaviest of tasks.

The iPad Pro is what we pick up for research, brainstorming book ideas, sketching out story lines, and posting to social. Don’t forget to get the Apple Pencil. It takes the iPad to a whole new level of enjoyment and functionality.

An external hard drive is a must. It works as an on-site backup for your devices and is great for keeping older copies of your manuscripts. Don’t risk losing your hard work!

Sitting for hours at a time is hard on your body. The solution? Stand up and write! It boosts blood flow to your heart and brain, meaning you’ll feel better and be more creative. We love that this desk allows you to write while seated or while standing.

Your office chair is not the place to skimp. Splurge on a chair with high quality construction, a customizable level of adjustment, and superior comfort. Make sure it’s ergonomic!

We love that this desk lamp is adjustable and you can easily control the brightness level. A lamp that puts the light right where you need it!

We write on the couch or in a recliner as much as we do at a desk. A great lap desk is a must. This one curves comfortably around your body.

Gifts for the Writer in Your Life

We writers are sometimes strange creatures, so its understandable if you are having problems finding the perfect gift for the writer(s) in your life. Check out these options!

Stephen King is a prolific writer and it’s safe to say he knows a thing or two about writing. This book is inspiration and informative.

Sometimes, you just need a little music to get the creative juices flowing. This speaker can fill a room with amazing sound. 

This book will help any fiction writer become a plotting genius. Based on the “Save the Cat!” scriptwriting, book, Jessica Brody applies the same magical principles to novel writing.

Writing can give you creativity fatigue. How do you counteract that? By taking a brain break. This coloring book for authors is a great way to refresh and renew.

Distractions are a writer’s worst enemy. We get rid of distractions with our noise cancelling headphones. Best investment we ever made.

This book is a must read for all writers. Period. If it’s not on your writer’s book shelf, get it!

The best way to grow as a writer, besides writing of course, is by reading. And I mean reading a lot! A Kindle or other e-reader is the perfect gift for a writer.

Nina Amir is amazing. If your writer (or you) is hesitating about the big commitment of writing a book, check out this method!

The title of this book says it all. A must read for memoir or biography writers.

Eyes and computer screens are not best friends. Sad though that may be, there is a way to improve the relationship. Check out blue light reduction glasses. They may just be the perfect stocking stuffer.

Generations of writers,  young and old, have benefited from Anne Lamott’s hilarious, big-hearted, homespun advice. Advice that begins with the simple words of wisdom passed down from her father—also a writer. 

I don’t know about you, but funny mugs bring a smile to my morning-avoidant face. With a little searching, you can find the perfect mug for your writer. This one may be it!

If you’ve ever had a puddle of tea or coffee moving at light speed toward your computer, you know the fear. This mug won’t tip over! Seriously! And it will fit in your writer’s cup holder when they need to take a drive and daydream.

This book is a swift kick in the pants, in an inspirational way. One of our top five choices for a gift for any writer.

If you writer is always cold these are the perfect gift. They not only keep your hands warm and cozy, they can help prevent finger fatigue. They also look great!

Writers tend to gather quite the book collection. A cute set of book ends keeps them need at contained. And they look good at the same time!

Sometimes all you need to finally get your book done is a helping hand, an empathetic ear, and a supportive kick in the pants. I provide all three in my Collaborative Writing Coaching program. A writing coaching package would make a great gift for the writer in your life!

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