The Writing Mindset

Podcast Launching Soon!

The concept for The Writing Mindset (a podcast and community for writers) was born out of the needs of the writers I work with and coach. Many of them struggle to even get started, even though they know what they want to share with their audience.

Through working with them one-on-one, I discovered a secret.

They had lost the joy of writing!

The Writing Mindset wants to help writers rediscover or develop a passion for writing by focusing on a holistic mindset of writing.

We plan to do that in three ways:

1. Inspire

We will feature stories and interviews with authors, business owners, and experts who have mastered the art of writing in their field. From them we will learn about their process, why they love writing, what inspires and motivates them, why they write, and so much more.

2. Educate

The number one problem my clients face, and the number one issue I see many new writers and entrepreneurs struggling with, is a lack of knowledge. They know what they want to do, they just don’t know how to do it and finding that information takes enormous amounts of time and money. Writing is not done in a vacuum, and I fully believe that by supporting and teaching one another we can find faster and better methods for getting stuff done!

3. Resource

Just as with any other skilled action, having the correct tools in your toolbox can cut the time it takes to finish a task in half. We will introduce writers to resources that can help them navigate the never-ending maze of starting blogs, sending newsletters, building mailing lists, starting websites, and all of the other practical tasks they have to do to reach their audience.