Find Readers for Your Book—Marketing Matters

Here’s a big fear we all have when it comes to writing a book: What if no one buys it? We need readers. After all, isn’t that the point of writing a book?

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While not reaching readers is always possible, with a bit of planning and advanced buzz, it’s improbable. The key is to get others excited about your book and to get them talking and sharing the news with their friends. That excitement will translate to book sales. So how do you build the excitement you need?

Host a Launch Party

Start revving up the launch engine weeks before your official publication date. Some best practices for a launch party include:

  • Decide on a hashtag you can use for your book launch
  • Creating captions and images your core team of promoters can utilize
  • Contacting those you know (especially those with large followings) and asking them to promote your book
  • Offering bonuses for early purchases
  • Create Incentives for those who review the book
  • Offer free chapter downloads

These are all proven strategies for building excitement and a social presence for your upcoming book.

Make the Interview Rounds

Two to three months before your book release, begin researching podcasts, blogs, and other media outlets for potential interviews and guest appearances. Create a press package or one sheet to send out. If you create a full press packet, include headshots, book cover art, blurbs, and testimonials, and let everyone know you’re looking for interviews and guest posting opportunities.

Blog About It

You are your own publicist, so don’t be afraid to toot your horn on your blog, email newsletter, and social media. Seriously! Let your audience know what’s coming and get them excited. Ask them to share about your book launch. Include images of the cover, blurbs from advanced readers, and give your audience plenty of time to get excited about the upcoming launch so when the buy button finally goes up, they’re eager to get their copy.

Free Kindle Days

Book marketing isn’t as easy as simple as listing your book on Amazon and becoming an instant bestseller. Anyone who tells you that is the exception to the rule (and they probably aren’t telling the complete truth). But that doesn’t mean selling your book is impossible either.

This technique alone can catapult your book to bestsellerdom in a matter of days. The key is to share with your mailing list. Share, share, share on social media. And don’t forget to ask your friends and colleagues to do the same.

There are many moving parts in a successful book launch—landing pages, mailing lists, JV partners, social outreach, and more.

With some strategic planning and a little effort, you can have a fantastic launch, whether it’s your first book or your fourteenth.

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