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About Our Show

Writing is a unique pursuit. It requires inspiration, a constant stream of incoming knowledge, resources, and it’s always more fulfilling when a community of writers exists to support one another. The Writing Mindset podcast strives to provide all three!

First we focus on inspiration. Writing is not a new thing (surprise!) and you don’t have to do it alone. I love learning from other writers, and so we decided to include that element in this podcast. We will regularly bring in successful authors to talk about their process, their motivation, and what inspires them!

Next we will focus on knowledge. I learn new stuff about writing every day. In fact, much of the “useless” knowledge I gather in my life informs my writing. So many methods, tips, and tricks exist that it is impossible for one person to know and apply all of them! We will bring you knowledge you can apply to your writing life right now.

The right resources can make a big difference in how smooth your process is! We are constantly searching for new, better resources, and we will share a few of our faves with you too. 

Finally, we will strive to provide a community of like-minded individuals to provide support and encouragement. We have a Facebook group just for you, check it out!

Behind The Mic

Treasa Edmond

Show Host

Writing, and helping other writers succeed while enjoying their craft, is my passion! Throughout my career, I’ve helped leaders, coaches, and entrepreneurs connect with their audience through confident writing by partnering with them as a collaborative writing coach or ghostwriter. 

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